Obagi Hydrate


  • Provide instant, long-lasting hydration for essential moisturisation and rejuvenation, using innovative technologies and naturally-derived ingredients. These dermatologist-tested moisturisers are hypoallergenic, non-irritating, and designed for a variety of skin types to help enhance skin smoothness.


Hydrate Facial Moisturiser isn’t just an ordinary lotion. This product is formulated to provide long-lasting hydration for all-day moisture protection.Hydrate Facial Moisturiser contains Hydromanil, a technologically advanced ingredient which retains water and gradually delivers moisture to the skin.

So not only does this cream provide immediate moisturisation, it also continues to hold water in the layers of your skin over time.

Ideal formula for mature, sensitive skin, is clinically proven to be safe and is dermatologist-tested to be non-irritating and non-sensitising.

Dry skin is never in season. Obagi’s Hydrate is a non-comedogenic facial moisturizer that provides 8-hour hydration with naturally derived ingredients like shea butter, mango butter and avocado oil.

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