Have you heard about our Botox bar in our Liverpool clinic?

The Botox Bar is on every Thursday and Friday and occasionally we will run extra clinics on Saturdays too. The Botox Bar offers the ladies of liverpool expert anti wrinkle injections at a discounted price. Appointments booked on the Botox Bar are priced differently than on our regular clinics..

Regular price 3 areas £230 Botox Bar £190

Regular price 2 areas £200/£165 Botox Bar £160/£130

Regular price 1 area £130 Botox Bar £110

There is a £30 supplement for men and all appointments include a complimentary top up 2 weeks after treatment.

So why is it cheaper?

Our botox bar is specially for those clients who know what they want and are happy with the treatment they have selected. Perfect for those who have had botox before and are happy with its results. If there is a particular nurse you would like to see or you would like a more in depth consultation about facial rejuvenation the the botox bar is probably not ideal.

If you have some assymetry or have had a previous complication then we would book you in on our regular clinic..

But the botox bar is perfect if you know you want botox but are maybe unsure about the areas required – we can assess you and recommend the best treatment option for you.

All our injectors are registered medical professionals who have undergone through training and mentorship before injecting with us. We ALWAYS use the best quality products and give the best aftercare.

If you are looking for botox liverpool or antiwrinckle injections liverpool then this is the place!!!

▫️Call us to book 01517350739…
🤍Our aim is always to achieve our patients desired look while maintaining the most natural enhancement possible..

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