A new report was published today by The Times Newspaper who were investigating the unregulated market of injectable aesthetic treatments. I’d love to say the findings were shocking but unfortunately they aren’t.. we are offered ‘black market’ botox via social media and email constantly and all we can do is report to the MRHA and block the senders but they just set up another email account and continue their push of these illegal drugs. (Thats sounds dramatic I know) 😑

‘Practitioners with no professional medical qualifications use social media to target women and girls, an investigation by undercover Times reporters has found’

you can read the full article here https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/black-market-botox-scars-women-for-life-khr5g2bnk

The report has found that unregulated practitioners have been using these unregulated products that means that no uk authority has checked and approved these products for safe use in the uk. Even more worrying is the side effects can be, ‘one woman who suspected she was injected with an unlicensed product said she was scarred for life and unable to work as a result.’

There is such a lack of proper regulations around cosmetic / aesthetic treatments in the UK, which means that it is up to you to ensure that who ever does your treatments are competent to do so safely. But we have found that because cosmetic procedures are thought to be ‘medical’, they will be subject to the  laws that govern other medical practice in this country. This unfortunately is not the case there is no central government register of qualified practitioners who can off medical aesthetic treatments. at one stage the biggest concern was unlicensed practitioners being able to use prescription only products such as Botox. But now this report has found that some people are injecting people with products that are not even legal for use in the UK.

Botox is a prescription-only drug, so has to be supplied by a medical professional who is qualified to prescribe — a doctor, a surgeon, a dentist, or a nurse-prescriber (a qualified nurse who has taken a further course to become a non-medical prescriber) or a pharmacist-prescriber. The injections can legally be given by someone working under the supervision of that qualified professional, though the prescriber is the one who takes responsibility for the treatment. The makers of Botox / Azzalure, and the makers of other wrinkle-relaxing toxins such as BoCouture and Dysport, will only supply their products to medical professionals.  But unfortunately the rules are often broken and usually by the type of people who are not competent in patient safety.

Save face have been campaigning for regulations around cosmetic procedures and have been successful in implementing the law that under 18’s cannot have filler or botox  treatments. The are useful if you are unsure about whether a practitioner is reputable or not. Their website can be found here. https://www.saveface.co.uk/bbc-the-one-show-how-to-find-a-safe-practitioner/

All of this is not to put you off cosmetic or aesthetic treatments –  we absolutely LOVE them and if your are treated with the best products by a competent medical professional you can really enjoy your treatments and their effects, it is just to remind us of the possible dangers or complications when entering the crazy world of aesthetics…

However, with a few facts about toxins, treatment, safety and standards and why they are (or should be) important to you – it’s possible to stay safe and get effective treatment.

Here’s what you need to know…


Choose your practitioner wisely –

Only ever see a reputable medical professional preferably in a clinic setting

you can ask the following of your injector –

  • What training and medical experience do they have?
  • Do they offer one or more different toxins?
  • Does he or she understand the characteristics of each one and which will work best for you?
  • If you get poor results, will they understand why and be able to explain that to you? 

The different toxins and how to choose one

Botox® is a trademarked, type A botulinum toxin made by Pharmaceutical company Allergan. Other popular brands include Bocoture from Merz and Azzalure from Galderma. 

How can you tell if what you’re getting is a genuine product?

The Pharmaceutical companies who manufacture the different types of toxins only allow regulated and pre-approved UK pharmacies to dispense their products. 

These are the only genuine products available and anything bought outside of these suppliers is not guaranteed and might be fake. You can ask what pharmacy your product was bought from and you can ask to see the packaging of the product to make sure it is the product you are getting.

We love medical aesthetics!!

Don’t be frightened to ask questions and to walk away if you’re not happy or comfortable with the answers.

Hopefully, you now have an idea as to what to expect and why checking your practitioner’s credentials are important. 

If you feel you are being fobbed off or don’t feel comfortable then walk away!

Keep your personal safety in mind at all times, to avoid having to deal with unnecessary complications and heartache. Instead, make decisions wisely and you can be out there looking good and feeling happy.

That’s the whole point of having treatment in the first place.


At The White Rooms we take regulation, training, experience, protocols and safety standards extremely seriously.Patient safety is at the forefront of our ethos and we expect all our patients to have safe and effective treatment.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do get in touch with one of our friendly team on 01517350739 at the clinic or email us at info@thewhiteroomsclinic.co.uk

Thanks for reading!!