Please read this short statement regarding the closing of our clinic during the second lockdown.

We have made the decision to close our clinic until the lockdown has lifted on the 2nd of December.
While we are a medical clinic and come under the umbrella of businesses that are allowed to open during this time, we feel that although our treatments are medical they do not (on the most part) treat a medical condition so therefore they can be postponed and we should not as medical professionals be encouraging the general public to travel for non-essential reasons.
There is now widespread community transmission of the virus in liverpool.
With new positive covid 19 cases recorded mainly in working population, majority of cases 51% positive in under 40 year olds.

We will remain closed to the public during to protect our patients staff and the wider community during this GLOBAL Pandemic.

We are however available to book appointments, purchase skincare or answer queries, to contact us during this time please call the clinic 10-4 monday to Friday or email us at We are also available via social media platforms.

Thank you and we look forward to welcoming you into the clinic in December.