One of the positives about the 2020 lockdown era for many was the time to look after ourselves a little better and most of us here genuinely found in the absence of  botox and fillers, that we usually used to make ourselves feel more confident, that we prioritised skincare to get our ‘fix’.

We have always loved Zo products and found their ready made trial packages absolutely fantastic for our patients to try a whole new personally recommended routine.

The success of these programs sales has not just been in the gorgeous and real results that the individual products can acheive. The simplicity of the routine was so attractive to us and our patients. and we have come across so many different routines but finding their perfect one for you can be through a consultation or trial and error.

If you cant afford to go out and buy a whole new routine or you have products that you love and don’t want to lose, then we have come up with the fail safe routine for most people.. we can recommend products for this routine or you can try your own over the counter version..

You an adapt this routine with different product to target specific skin concerns…

Every morning

Cleanse – This can be your trusty any cleanser you’ve tried and love but it is the MOST IMPORTANT step..

we love zo cleansers (£38) hydrating is my personal favourite because i have cheeks like the Sahara by lunch time..

Acid Toner- there are loads of glycolic and salicitic toners out there but our personal favourite so far is ZO complextion renewal pads (£42) with ;

  • Glycolic acid: Proven epidermal exfoliate and Botanical extract blend: Properties to soothe skin and reduce redness; also provides antioxidant benefits

now these zo ones are potent and for anyone under 30 it might be too much to use twice a day and in this instance I recommend to just use in the evening and would skip this step in the morning.

Spritz – This is so gorgeous and a step I hardly ever used until I read caroline hirons book, bought all the sprays she recommends and fell in love, The medical grade brands we stock at the White Rooms done actually include a spritz but we cant get enough of Comfort Zone Remedy Toner  (£26) But any rosewater hydrating spray is lovely look for one with glycerin in to complete the hydrating process.

Eye cream – we love hydrafirm (£105) and ZO intense eye cream (£96) but Medik8 have a gorgeous eye serum that is proving to be a firm favourite.. C Tetra eye serum is £20 and available to order at the clinic.

Serum/Oils – so this is where it gets personal.. vitamin c ect all added here

Moisturiser – your favourite moisturiser here we love obagi hydrate and comfort zone sublime but thats just us…

SPF – Always use a separate spf it is the only thing we know prevents ageing but people still leave it out.. the best we’ve used is heliocare

Then your evening routine

This can change depending on your recommended program but for most with a settled routine it looks like this…

Cleanse – same as the morning but if you have make up on double cleanse!!

Acid Toner – as the morning or just in the evening if you are young and or sensitive

Hydrate spritz – again this is just lovely and honestly make as much bigger impact than you would think

Eye cream – a nice gel is good especially if your puffy

Serum- this is where we use the Anti Aging stuff!! so if your on a strong retinol I don’t usually so this step but I love zo growth Factor serum. Find your favourite serum and enjoy applying here!!

So there we go thats it all, but always ask your skin care provider for advice if you are not sure and a little goes a long way your skin cant absorb everything so dont waste your money piling product after product. Apply absorb then next step!!

Just going to wash my face and spritz again (haha)