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Last week we did a poll on Instagram asking if you would like to know more about the pony tail lift procedure. The answer was overwhelmingly yes.

We get asked so much about this procedure every day this has become so popular among clients and patients looking to achieve that higher eyebrow look..

As with all treatments in The White Rooms we only recommend them if we truly believe in the benefit of them and the truth is that we just don’t think its worth it.

With a ponytail thread lift a dissolvable thread is inserted into the area you would like to lift and then it is secured creating a instantly tighter higher look. But the clue here is dissolvable. The threads dissolve and when they do the look is less dramatic, still improved but ultimately disappointing for the client. And disappointed clients/patients is just not our forte…

So unless there is a major breakthrough in the ‘thread world’ we wont be offering them just yet. We will leave the surgical aspect of aesthetics to the surgeons because lets face it if any noticeable difference was achievable for a few hundred pound in a small aesthetics clinic the plastic surgery business would not be the billion pound industry that it is..

A more realistic way of temporarily lifting the eyebrow is with botox but this is not for everyone, myself included,  no matter how much BTX i have i can only get a minimal lift because my brows are so low set and I have a small forehead so I’ll  have to wait for a real face lift in the far future when I can afford it 😆.

Saying that though we are constantly evolving and testing new procedures and treatments so watch this space xxxx