Ok, so when we all started trying out different skin care products in the clinic and really getting passionate about it, the obagi vitamin c 20% serum is the first thing that we all universally loved.

This hasn’t changed, although when obagi brought out the zo range we loved the products and the programs, as a stand alone non aggressive product this is the one.

If you wanted a more dramatic change to your skin and are ready for some down time the retinol is the way to go, but for an instant skin boost that also treats pigmentation, fine lines and sun damage the vitamin c serum is amazing. It also helps to prevent future damage. There are loads of different brands of vitamin c but obagi is scientifically proven to achieve better absorption into the skin than any other brand.

When you first apply it it comes in a little dropper, you apply a few drops onto your face and it feels like a silky serum. It absorbs really well and you can then either finish your routine of make up or just a sunscreen. Instantly your skin will feel smoother and brighter and I find make up goes on brilliantly. After 2-3 weeks you will start to see an improvement in skin texture and tone. Fine lines will be reduced and you will generally see an overall improvement in your complexion.

So what is vitamin c and why does it help? Well the topical form of Vitamin C is called ascorbic acid, and it is known as “the most important skin antioxidant.” Antioxidants protect against damage caused by harmful molecules called free radicals as well as environmental pollutants. In particular, the antioxidant Vitamin C works by speeding up the skin’s natural repair systems and by directly inhibiting further damage. Numerous clinical studies have proven the skin benefits of Vitamin C and confirmed that it can help protect against the signs of skin damage by:

  • Stimulating collagen synthesis
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Suppressing pigmentation
  • Retaining moisture
  • Enhancing UV protection
  • Replenishing Vitamin E

The serum comes in 3 strengths 10% (£80) 15% (£90) and 20% (£105). If you have really sensitive skin then we recommend starting on the lower strenth.

If you really wanted to treat your skin we would recommend using the obagi vit c wash £36 and the obagi vit c scub and mask £85.

We have different Packages available to purchase directly from us.

I hope this has helped understand a bit about the vitamin C products we have and if you have any questions please check out our social media or email us info@thewhiteroomsclinic.co.uk.

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