So Retinol what is it and whats all the fuss about? well scientifically its the chemical compound of vitamin A and when its incorporated into a skincare program it has a multitude of benefits.

The reason its not everyone’s cup of tea is because it has a ‘downtime’

It promotes skin cell turn over which is great because that is what gives us the younger, looking ,smoother, tighter, more even skin that were using it for… however while your skin gets used to this it can cause drying, peeling and flaking.

If you start on a low strength this is kept to a minimum but the results are better with the more downtime you have.

Thats why lockdown has given our clients the perfect time to try some retinol based products. no one cares if your a bit dry when your working from home!!

The products we use are not available to order directly from our online shop as they are only licenced to be sold in medical clinics. The potency of these products is up to 10 x more than any store bought retinol product and the results show! During this time though we are able to ship out any products that you want. You can contact us via email or social media or over the phone. 01517350739

We will recommend the best product for you and send it out..

Our absolute favourites that have been flying out are the ZO RETINOL SKIN BRIGHTENER, this comes in 0.25% (£52) perfect if you are younger or brand new to retinol or the 0.5% (£70) if you don’t mind the drying and peeling phase or have been using the 0.25 for a while. For dramatic results the ZO Retinol skin brightener in 1% (£90) is amazing as well as the ZO radical night repair with 1% (£125) but this is to be taken seriously. Your skin will be absolutely amazing but the drying and irritation is not something you can miss with this one.

We also have a 1% obagi retinol that gives fantastic results (£55) but this one is for those who don’t mind the downtime and this one doesn’t contain as many anti oxidants as the zo retinol products.

In a nutshell retinol will transform your skin leaving it smoother and tighter with less fine lines but for the most dramatic results more ‘downtime’ or actual time must be endured. Your looking at 2-4 weeks of drying with a 0.5-1% or less drying over this period with the 0.25%.

I hope this has helped understand a bit about the retinol products we have and if you have any questions please check out our social media or email us info@thewhiteroomsclinic.co.uk.

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