While scrolling through our instagram feed I came across a post by Save Face. They have been working along side the popular tabloid The Daily Mail to highlight the importance of ensuring the qualifications and reputation of the practitioners that you choose for your lip treatment. Lip fillers are so popular with young women and therefore at The White Rooms a strict code of ethics is always adhered to. Lip fillers can be desirable but people are often afraid to go ahead with treatment so we would always reassure a client but never pressure you into treatment.

Unfortunately non surgical treatments are not properly regulated. It is against the law to use prescription products without being able to prescribe but any one can play the system and get hold of these products and call themselves a practitioner. At The White Rooms we are seeing a rise in the number of ‘botched’ lip treatments and corrective work that we do.

All our aesthetic practitioners are registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council and have completed accredited courses in the administration of Botox and/or Lip Fillers.

Most people think that the worst complication of lip fillers is a lump but in rare cases patients can experience severe and prolonged swelling, bruising, lumps and necrosis, when the lip tissue dies and goes black. Which is why all practitioners MUST be medically trained to be able to recognize these conditions and be able to prescribe the drugs needed to treat them as soon as they occur.

At The White Rooms we promise you a relaxed comfortable experience we would never put pressure on anybody to continue with a treatment that they were not sure about. We would certainly not treat anybody under the age of 18.

If your practitioner tells you that 0.55ml will never make a difference they haven’t been trained in the correct administration of lip fillers. 0.55ml can produce a beautiful result especially in younger clients!
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